Prado Coelho e o ministro Manuel Pinho - versão americana.

Está felizmente online este editorial do The Economist, sobre a importância dos intelectuais na política dos EUA. A boa notícia é que eles têm alguma importância. A má, é que muitos são Republicanos. Mas todos ajudam a transformar o mundo num local mais tranquilo, ameno, e tão democrático como Bagdad:
Europe produced both grand visionaries like Marx and compulsive improvers like Bentham; America prided itself on being a businesslike civilisation. Europeans used the word “intellectual” (a French invention, naturally) as a term of praise. Americans regarded it as synonymous with “egghead”, if not “sexual deviant”.

But look at the world of public policy today and it is America that is the land of the intellectuals and Europe that is the intellect-free zone. Look at the Iraq war, and you can see the influence of the dreaded neocons. Look at tax policy, and you can see the influence of the supply-siders. Look at the debate about gender roles and, lo and behold, Harvey Mansfield, Harvard University's lone conservative, has just mounted a heavyweight philosophical defence of “Manliness” (though the references to Aristotle have not stopped Oprah Winfrey from flashing it on the cover of her magazine, next to a smiling picture of herself).
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